Denied Insurance Claims Attorney Daytona

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Denied Insurance Claims Attorney Daytona

Historically insurance companies are profit driven and they seek to maximize their profit as much as possible. Simply put insurance companies are always looking out for their own best interest and one of the main ways they do this is to look for claims that they can deny. Often, even legally solid claims are denied and it is left to the consumer to higher an attorney that will fight for their own rights. Florida Advocates will aggressively persue your legal rights in order to get you the financial benefits that you are due. Fortunately, like all businesses insurance companies have certain legal requirements and guidelines and our team will make sure that they are not breaking or bending those rules in order to deny your claim.

We Represent Denied Insurance Claims

Florida Advocates - A Private Law Firm is committed to stringent pursuit of your denied insurance claim within South Florida.

Experienced Denied Insurance Claims Attorney

We can help you, your relatives and friends who have been denied by an insurance company. Our firm will work to assure you get the financial compensation that you deserve and under the requirements of the law.

If you need to file a claim with the help of experienced insurance dispute lawyers, give us a call today, toll free at (855) FL-ADVOCATES, or (754) 263-4252.

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The late Senator George Aiken was once asked what the U.S. should do about the long and seemingly hopeless battle in Vietnam. The Senator unflinchingly responded, “Declare victory and get out.” Back here in the state of sunshine, storms and alligators, you might think that philosophy is back when it comes to Hurricane Irma claims.

Insurers proudly declare that they have successfully closed over 90% of all Irma claims. Hailing “victory” against the relentless enemy of contractual obligation, insurers boast that tens of thousands of claims are closed. Yet somehow blue tarps still speckle the landscape and my lobby is filled with clients still seeking help.
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