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Florida Advocates - A Private Law Firm can provide you with effective legal services for your homeowner's insurance claim. If your homeowner’s insurance company has denied your claim, turn to our homeowner's insurance claim lawyers for the help you need. It can be challenging to deal with insurance companies that don’t want to pay the right amount for your claim. You can rest assured knowing that our insurance claim lawyers will pursue every legal avenue to help you get the best outcome in your claim in the State of Florida, and the rest of Florida. 

Expertise You Can Count On

Our claims professionals have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in resolving your claim favorably. They know how to deal with insurance companies that aren’t willing to pay out on your insurance claim. Your property insurance claim attorney will guide you through the legal process expertly, so you know what to expect. Our team of claims specialists and insurance dispute lawyers can assist you with getting the justice and compensation you deserve.

At Florida Advocates - A Private Law Firm, we will work diligently to assist you with getting your claim approved so you can begin repairing your home. Whether your home has been structurally compromised due to a storm, fire, or another calamity, we are here to help. We will assist you with fighting for your right to receive compensation for your property insurance claim. 

If you need to file a claim with the help of a knowledgeable property insurance claim attorney, give us a call today, toll free at (855) FL-ADVOCATES, or (754) 263-4252.

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Closing the Case on Your Long Overdue Hurricane Irma Claim
Hurricane Damage Claims Attorney Haines City

By Russel Lazega, Attorney and Author
Article from Russel's column in the Adventure News

The late Senator George Aiken was once asked what the U.S. should do about the long and seemingly hopeless battle in Vietnam. The Senator unflinchingly responded, “Declare victory and get out.” Back here in the state of sunshine, storms and alligators, you might think that philosophy is back when it comes to Hurricane Irma claims.

Insurers proudly declare that they have successfully closed over 90% of all Irma claims. Hailing “victory” against the relentless enemy of contractual obligation, insurers boast that tens of thousands of claims are closed. Yet somehow blue tarps still speckle the landscape and my lobby is filled with clients still seeking help.
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