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Hurricane Damage Claims

Legal Services For Hurricane Damage Victims

If your home or commercial property has been damaged or destroyed by a hurricane, the last thing you need is your insurance company giving you another headache. You’ve paid those expensive insurance premiums all this time, believing that your insurance company would have your back when you needed them the most. And yet, when the time came to make a claim, your insurance company let you down in your hour of need. Whether they’ve delayed payment, made an inadequate offer, or denied the claim outright, your insurance company did not come through like you expected they would, which means that it’s time to call the attorneys at Florida Advocates.

Florida Advocates has over twenty years of experience litigating claims against insurance companies. Your insurance company has their army of lawyers, and you should, too! We provide free legal consultations and free insurance policy reviews. If we take on your case, we will not charge you anything unless we win, and many times, we are able to get the insurance company to pay our attorney’s fees and costs separately from your recovery. Don’t accept your insurance company’s decision about your claim as the final word. Contact Florida Advocates today. You have nothing to lose by contacting us, but you may lose out on a lot if you don’t.

Having us as your hurricane damages lawyer by your side, will signal to the insurer that you are serious and determined to fight for what you deserve. Our attorneys can advocate for you and sue the insurance company if necessary.

We are familiar with the devastation that Florida storms can cause. We've worked with clients all over Florida to ensure that big and small insurance firms keep their commitments according to their policies.

Storm Damage Claims Attorney

Do not become a victim again! Contact us to get legal advice about the worth of your claim. This makes it easier to fix storm damage to your house, business, or personal property as fast as possible. No one wants to be displaced for longer than necessary!We treat all Florida storm damage claims with this in mind.

Storm Damage Claims Lawyer Kissimmee

Florida Advocates - A Private Law Firm is dedicated to working extremely hard for each and everyone of our clients in the area of hurricane damage claims.

We Represent A Variety of Hurricane Damage Claims Injury Claims

Florida Advocates - A Private Law Firm is committed to stringent pursuit of our hurricane and storm damage clients within South Florida.

Experienced Hurricane Damage Claims Injury Lawyers

It is upsetting to experience severe damage to your home and possessions due to a hurricane or storm. Fighting for what you are entitled to also causes additional stress. Don't take on the insurance company by yourself! Our experienced hurricane damages lawyers at Florida Advocates, can review and assess your hurricane damages. We can hold your unreasonable insurance company to account.

If you need to file a claim with the help of experienced insurance dispute lawyers, give us a call today, toll free at (855) FL-ADVOCATES, or (754) 263-4252.

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Closing the Case on Your Long Overdue Hurricane Irma Claim
Hurricane Damage Claims Attorney Kissimmee

By Russel Lazega, Attorney and Author
Article from Russel's column in the Adventure News

The late Senator George Aiken was once asked what the U.S. should do about the long and seemingly hopeless battle in Vietnam. The Senator unflinchingly responded, “Declare victory and get out.” Back here in the state of sunshine, storms and alligators, you might think that philosophy is back when it comes to Hurricane Irma claims.

Insurers proudly declare that they have successfully closed over 90% of all Irma claims. Hailing “victory” against the relentless enemy of contractual obligation, insurers boast that tens of thousands of claims are closed. Yet somehow blue tarps still speckle the landscape and my lobby is filled with clients still seeking help.
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